A downloadable D-oDer-worlD for Windows

[D]  o[D]er worl[D] is a game where a girl has to enter a 3D(DDD) world to save her grand-mother who was captured by monsters.
The game starts on a training stage where the player will learn the controls and basics about the game. Thereafter, the player will dive into the story of the game and play throw some initial stages.

PS: The game is a College's project.  Therefore this game is Open Source and you may find all the references and source code on the link below: 


Install instructions

To play it is just necessary to download the zip file and extract it. Later you just need to execute the file named "Into The Unkwon.exe". 

The project comes deployed as it was a project done during the Video Game Engine course at the College I study. 


DoDerworlD.zip 613 MB

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